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Mathematical Foundations

Event Instructor Day/Time Location
Lecture Prof. Dr. Nill Fri 11-13 H91/001
Tutorial (English) Hofscheier Wed 9-11 H91/001
Tutorial (German) Hofscheier Thu 9-11 G23-K11
Tutorials and homeworks

Each Friday (starting from 16 October) a new problem sheet is posted on this website. In the second half (45 min) of the tutorial during the following week a certain subset of the exercises will be solved together. The remaining exercises you have to solve by yourself. Your solutions to the whole problem sheet are due one week later. Please hand them in at the beginning of the tutorial. Then Razi Arshad will correct your solutions and in the tutorial one week after submission you get your corrected solutions back. The exercises which have not been solved together will then be discussed in the first half of the tutorial.

Attending the tutorials and solving the homework assignments is optional but strongly recommended as a necessary preparation for the final exam. Moreover, you can get up to 3 "bonus points" depending on how many of the homework assignments you solved correctly. If you pass the exam, these bonus points won't improve your grade. However, if you fail the exam, you may use the bonus points to improve the result of the exam from "fail" to "pass". 


The re-exam will take place on 01 April 2016 between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon in G03-315 on the main campus (Universitätsplatz).

Document Link
Old lecture notes from previous years PDF 
Annotated notes from class here
Exercise sheets here

You can find contents of the course in many books on basics of higher mathematics, and (of different quality) even at some places on the web. For example, many articles in WIKIPEDIA are correct and include further references. Here are examples of books that are available in the library of OvGU.

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