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Mathematical Foundations


There is NO CLASS on Friday, December 22 ! Instead there will be two classes on Friday, January 12 (13:15 - 16:30).


If you would like to get the credits for this course because you already attended a similar and equivalent course before, then please fill out this form and give it to me together with the necessary documentation (module description and grades). The form is in German, please use e.g. google/bing translate. SWS means Semesterwochenstunden which is the number of hours of classes per week. You can list more than one course e.g. Prüfungsfach Mathematics (MATH I, MATH II, MATH III). Leave SWS/CP open. You can give the form and documentation to me in H91/001 right after the Friday lecture. Please give me also your email address (so I can let you know about my decision) and tell me to which exam office I have to send the form.

Event Instructor Day/Time Location
Lecture Prof. Dr. Nill Fri 13-15 H91/001
Tutorial Dr. Nguyen Wed 13-15 H91/001

There will be 12 lectures: 13.10., 20.10., 27.10., 3.11., 10.11., 17.11., 24.11., 1.12. , 8.12., 15.12., 22.12., 12.01.

There will be 12 tutorials: 11.10., 18.10., 25.10., 1.11., 8.11., 15.11., 22.11., 29.11., 6.12., 13.12., 20.12., 10.01.

Tutorials and homework assignments

Each week on Friday a new problem sheet is posted on this website. They contain many problems to work on and think about. Please hand your written solution to the marked homework assignments on sheet #n in at the beginning of the tutorial in week #n+2. Razi Arshad will grade your solutions and you get them back in the tutorial one week after the submission (so week #n+3). There will be presumably 11 exercise sheets, 10 of them will have homework assignments to hand in.

From this week onwards, attendance at the tutorials will be taken. To get the credits for the tutorial you need to have attended at least 8 tutorials.

You can get at most 10 additional points on the exam depending on how many of the homework assignments you solved correctly. However this will only apply if you attended at least 8 tutorials. 

You may work together: on each solution sheet there may be two names.

If you do not successfully attend the tutorial, then passing the exam will only give you the credit points for the lecture (not the tutorial).


For additional help please check out the "MatheSupport" - an additional offer by the Faculty of Mathematics for students from other faculties.


The exam will take place on February 5. The re-exam will be on March 27.

Document Link
Lectures notes and annotated class notes here
Exercise sheets here

You can find contents of the course in many books on basics of higher mathematics, and (of different quality) even at some places on the web. For example, many articles in WIKIPEDIA are correct and include further references. Here are some books on the topic of the course:

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