Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg



by de la Cruz, Javier; Willems, Wolfgang


Preprint series: 11-02, Preprints

94B05 Linear codes, general
20D06 Simple groups: alternating groups and groups of Lie type, See also {20Gxx, 22Exx}
20D08 Simple groups: sporadic groups
20D10 Solvable groups, theory of formations, Schunck classes, Fitting classes, $pi$-length, ranks, See also {20F17}


Abstract: We prove that the automorphism group G of a putative extremal self-dual code of length 96 is solvable of order less or equal to 160 or G is the simple group A_5 provided elements of order 3 have no fixed points.

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