Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg



A. Malevich, W. Willems


Preprint series: 12-05, Preprints

94B05 Linear codes, general
20B20 Multiply transitive finite groups
20B25 Finite automorphism groups of algebraic, geometric, or combinatorial structures, See also {05Bxx, 12F10, 20G40, 20H30, 51-XX}


Abstract:There are seven binary extremal self-dual doubly-even codes which are known to have a $2$-transitive automorphism group. Using representation theoretical methods we show that there are no other such codes, except possibly for length $n = 1024$. We also classify all extremal ternary self-dual and quaternary Hermitian self-dual codes.

Keywords:Automorphisms, Self-dual codes, Transitive groups, Simple groups


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