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Variational Multiscale and Stabilized Finite Elements


Magdeburg, March 16-18, 2016                          book of abstracts                      conference photo

Lecture room:

On the Campus of the University go to the building Gebäude G02. The lectures are given in the  room G02-311 in the 3rd floor of this building. Please follow the signs with VMS-2016 which we will fix for you.


tram from main railway station to university      timetables tram

Use tram "Linie 4", enter at station "City Carré" timetable in the direction "Herrenkrug" and get off at station "Opernhaus" located at the place "Universitätsplatz" where you can see the buildung "Campus Tower" of the university. In each tram, there is a pay machine. For one ticket you have to pay cash 2 EUR, where the pay machine is able to change money.

Alternatively, you can use "Linie 1", enter at station "City Carré" timetable in the direction "Lerchenwuhne" and get off at station "Universität".

tram from university to main railway station

Use tram "Linie 4", enter at station "Opernhaus" timetable in the direction "Klinikum Olvenstedt" and get off at station "City Carré" located close to the main railway station.

Alternatively, you can use "Linie 1", enter at station "Universität" timetable in the direction "Diesdorf" and get off at station "City Carré".


scope of the workshop

This workshop is a platform for presentation and discussion of state-of-the art-developments on variational multiscale methods and stabilized finite elements.

Mains topics are:


important deadlines



Please provide us the following information (until February 26, 2016) for the list of participants in the book of abstracts by sending an email to the address:

1.) first name:
2.) last name:
3.) academic title:
4.) institution, country:
5.) email-address


conference fee

The conference fee includes: book of abstract, coffee breaks with refreshments, guided tour in the Cathedral of Magdeburg and the conference dinner.

Please transfer the conference fee of

            100 EUR        UNTIL February 26, 2016  

to the bank account with the following data:

  - account holder:  Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg
  - IBAN:                  DE64 8100 0000 0081 0015 02
  - BIC:                     MARKDEF1810
  - bank:                  Deutsche Bundesbank, Filiale Magdeburg

  - reason for payment: 11984 8033021700 133302201, last name, first name

We will send you a confirmation via email when your money has been successfully transferred.


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