Konferenzen und Tagungen

In Magdeburg (und Umgebung)

Interactions with Lattice Polytopes 

Magdeburg September 14-16, 2017

Conference on Recent Advances in Analysis and Numerics of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

Magdeburg, 8.-10.September 2016

The 11th International Conference on Finite Fields and their Applications

Magdeburg, 22.-26.Juli 2013

Darstellungstheorietage 2012

Magdeburg, 23.-24-November 2012

Emerging Developments in Real Algebraic Geometry

Magdeburg, 20.-24. Februar 2012


Magdeburg, 9.-10. November 2007


Magdeburg, 6.-8. November 2003

Kolloquium über Kombinatorik
Magdeburger Stochastik-Tage

Magdeburg, 19.-22. März 2002


Lutherstadt Wittenberg, 15.-18. Februar 2004