Equivalence classes for Emden equations

by Bandle, C.; Bordag, L. A.


Preprint series: 98-28, Preprints

34A34 Nonlinear equations and systems, general
35J60 Nonlinear PDE of elliptic type


Abstract: By means of the tools from invariant theory we prove the equivalence theorem for Emden equations under the general point transformations. We apply this theory to the Emden-Fowler equations in $\Bbb{R}^N$ and in $\Bbb{S}^3$ and to the Matukuma equation. The advantage of this method is that it provides a complete picture of all possible transformations which leave certain equations invariant. It also allows us to classify certain types of equations and to discuss their connexions to autonomous and Painlev\xe9 equation.

Keywords: Emden equation, equivalence classes, point transformations, invariant theory.

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