Lot-Sizing for an Imperfect Continuous Production on Two Machines

by Gribkovskaia, I.; Kovalev, S.; Werner, F.


Preprint series: 09-03, Preprints

The paper is published: Omega, Vol. 38, No. 6, 522 - 527 (under the title: Batching for Work and Rework Processes on Dedicated Machines to Minimize the Makespan)

90B30 Production models
90B06 Transportation, logistics


Abstract: We study the problem of planning the production of new and recovery of defective units of the same product. The product is assumed to be continuously divisible. There are a main facility dedicated to the original production and a facility dedicated to re-manufacturing defective units coming from the main facility. Units fabricated on the main facility are inspected for quality in batches. The quality inspection requires some time and can be performed on-line or off-line. After the inspection has been completed, defective units of the inspected batch are transported to the re-manufacturing facility. The transportation also requires some time. We assume that the fraction of the defective units is the same in each batch on the manufacturing facility and that the re-manufacturing facility is perfect. Given a demand for good quality units of the product and an upper bound K on the number of batches, the problem is to find a sequence of batch sizes such that the manufacturing cycle time is minimized. We suggest a linear programming formulation, prove several properties of an optimal solution, and finally develop an O(log K) time solution algorithm. A similar per time unit cost minimization problem is studied as well.

Keywords: Production, Batching; Rework; Reverse Logistics

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