Optimal Design for Discrete Choice Experiments

by Graßhoff, U.; Großmann, H.; Holling, H.; Schwabe, R.


Preprint series: 09-37, Preprints

62K05 Optimal designs
62P25 Applications to social sciences
62J12 Generalized linear models


Abstract: In this paper we derive locally optimal designs for discrete choice experiments. As in Kanninen (2002) we consider a multinomial logistic model, which contains various ualitative attributes as well as a quantitative one, which may range over a sufficiently large region. The derived optimal designs improve upon those given in the literature, but have the feature that every choice set contains alternatives, which coincide in all but the quantitative attributes. The multinomial logistic model may then lead to an unrealistic response behavior, if the quantitative attribute is described by a price variable.

Keywords: conjoint analysis, discrete choice experiment, multinomial logistic model, locally optimal design

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