Preprints 2010

10-32 M. Henk, I., Aliev
LLL-reduction for Integer Knapsacks
MSC: 90C10, 90C27, 11H06
10-31 Ch. Nagaiah, S. Rüdiger, G. Warnecke, M. Falcke
Adaptive space and time numerical simulation of reaction-diffusion models for intracellular calcium dynamics
MSC: 92C15, 92C40, 65N99
10-30 M. Niaparast, R. Schwabe
Optimal Design for Quasi-Likelihood Estimation in Poisson Regression with Random Coefficients
MSC: 62K05, 62J12
10-29 H.-Ch. Grunau
The asymptotic shape of a boundary layer of symmetric Willmore surfaces of revolution
MSC: 49Q10, 53C42, 35J65, 34L30
10-28 M.A. Hernandez Cifre, E. Saorin Gomez
How to make quermassintegrals differentiable: solving a problem by Hadwiger
MSC: 52A20, 52A39, 52A40
10-27 C. Bey, Henk, M. Henk, Henze, M., Linke, E.
Notes on lattice points of zonotopes and lattice-face polytopes
MSC: 52C07, 52B20, 52A40, 11H06
10-26 Linke, E.
Rational Ehrhart quasi-polynomials
MSC: 52C027, 11P21, 11H06
10-25 S.A. Kravchenko, F. Werner
Minimizing a Regular Function on Uniform Machines with Ordered Completion Times
MSC: 90B35, 90C05
10-24 N. Ahmed, G. Matthies, L. Tobiska, H. Xie
Discontinuous Galerkin time stepping with local projection stabilization for transient convection-diffusion-reaction problems
MSC: 65M12, 65M15, 65M60
10-23 S. Ganesan, L. Tobiska
Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method for computation of two-phase flows with soluble surfactants
MSC: 65M60, 76T05, 76D05
10-22 U. Graßhoff, H. Holling, R. Schwabe
Optimal Designs for the Rasch Model
MSC: 62K05, 62P15, 62J12
10-21 K. Deckelnick, C.M. Elliott, V. Styles
Numerical analysis of an inverse problem for the eikonal equation
MSC: 49J20, 49L25, 49M25
10-20 Gafarov, E.R.; Lazarev, A.A.; Werner, F.
A Modification of Dynamic Programming Algorithms to Reduce the Running Time or/and Complexity
MSC: 90C39, 90B35
10-19 Marwan, W.; Durzinsky, M.; Wagler, A.
Reconstructing Extended Petri Nets
MSC: 92B99, 68R05
10-18 Roth, K.
Sequential Designs for Dose Escalation Studies
MSC: 62K05, 62L05, 62P10
10-17 Sotskov, Y.N.; Werner, F.; Lai, T.-C.; Egorova, N.G.
Measures of Problem Uncertainty for Total Weighted Flow Time Scheduling on a Single Machine
MSC: 94B35, 49K40
10-16 Grunau, H.-Ch.; Robert, F.; Sweers, G.
Optimal estimates from below for biharmonic Green functions
MSC: 35J40, 35B50, 35B45
10-15 Braack, M.; Schieweck, F.
Equal-order finite elements with local projection stabilization for the Darcy-Brinkman equations
MSC: 65N30, 65N12, 65N15, 76D07
10-14 Bouyuklieva, S.; Malevich, A.; Willems, W.
On the performance of binary self-dual codes
MSC: 94B70, 94B05
10-13 Bergner, M.; Dall'Acqua, A.; Froehlich, S.
Willmore surfaces of revolution bounding two circles
MSC: 49Q10, 53C42, 35J65, 34L30
10-12 Gafarov, E.R.; Lazarev, A.A.; Werner, F.
A Polynomial Time Graphical Algorithm for Maximizing Total Tardiness on a Single Machine
MSC: 90B35
10-11 Gafarov, E.R.; Lazarev, A.A.; Werner, F.
Classical Combinatorial and Single Machine Scheduling Problems with Opposite Optimality Criteria
MSC: 90B35, 90C27, 68Q25
10-10 Gafarov, E.R.; Lazarev, A.A.; Werner, F.
Single Machine Scheduling with Generalized Total Tardiness Objective Function
MSC: 90B35
10-09 Jachalski, S.
Asymptotic behaviour for Willmore surfaces of revolution under natural boundary conditions
MSC: 49Q10, 53C42, 35J65, 34L30
10-08 Gafarov, E.R.; Lazarev, A.A.; Werner, F.
On Lower and Upper Bounds for the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
MSC: 90B35
10-07 Gafarov, E.R.; Lazarev, A.A.; Werner, F.
Single Machine Scheduling with a Non-renewable Financial Resource
MSC: 90B35
10-06 Solovej, J.P.; Dall'Accqua, A.
Excess charge for pseudo-relativistic atoms in Hartree-Fock theory
MSC: 81Q05, 81Q20
10-05 Orlovich, Y.; Dolgui, A.; Finke, G.; Gordon, V.; Werner, F.
On the Complexity and Inapproximability of Dissociation Set Problems in Graphs
MSC: 68Q25, 05C70
10-04 Kunik, M.; Lucht, L.G.
Power series with the von Mangoldt function
MSC: 11L20, 11M06
10-03 Giri, A.K.; Kumar, J.; Warnecke, G.
Convergence analysis of sectional methods for solving aggregation population balance equations: The cell average technique
MSC: 45J05, 65R20, 45L10
10-02 Sotskov, Y.N.; Egorova, N.G.; Werner, F.
A Stability Approach for Minimizing Total Weighted Completion Time with Uncertain Data
MSC: 90B35
10-01 O'Brien, E.A.; Willems, W.
On the automorphism group of a binary self-dual doubly-even [72,36,16] code
MSC: 94B05, 20D45, 20C20

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