Published Articles:

  • Christopher Borger, Benjamin Nill: On defectivity of families of full-dimensional point configurations, Proceedings of the AMS, Series B (Volume 7, 2020), view
  • Gabriele Balletti, Christopher Borger: Families of lattice polytopes of mixed degree one, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A (Volume 173, July 2020), arXiv:1904.01343


  • Gennadiy Averkov, Christopher Borger, Ivan Soprunov: Inequalities between mixed volumes of convex bodies: volume bounds for the Minkowski sum, arXiv:2002.03065, submitted to Mathematika
  • Gennadiy Averkov, Christopher Borger, Ivan Soprunov: Classification of triples of lattice polytopes with a given mixed volume, arXiv:1902.00891, accepted in Discrete & Computational Geometry

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