Mathematics is amazing and fun!

S. Kabelitz
Stefanie Kabelitz

Mathematics is strong and convincing. Of course, after school I didn't have a clear idea of what to expect in mathematics studies. The only thing I knew was that it should be different from teaching mathematics. That's the truth. Dealing with concrete calculation examples takes a back seat. Rather, it is generalized so much that all calculation examples become superfluous and it is possible to convince others with logical conclusions that each example would only substantiate the statement.

First you need some time to learn the language of mathematics. The examinations, which are oral from the outset, help to achieve this, which speaks for a very good relationship between students and professors in Magdeburg. Once you have successfully studied the first semesters, you can communicate with mathematicians without difficulty, and not only in your own mother tongue. Mathematics led me to Sweden, where I listened to lectures in English and although I only had a crash course in Swedish, I was able to solve tasks in Swedish.

Mathematics is universal. When I decided to study mathematics, I kept everything open. There are many different applications for mathematicians. I chose economics as a minor subject. But I didn't want to extend it, because my interest is in numerics and analysis. I am currently doing an internship at T-Systems Solutions for Research in Göttingen. This company works closely with the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) so that I do physical flow simulations far away from the economy.

Mathematics is amazing and fun. I enjoy it when someone asks me what I study. Because I know that I'm about to look into an astonished face that might still ask me if it wouldn't be boring. No. Knowing the context is fun for everyone, especially in groups. Sitting in front of a board full of ideas with fellow students and wondering what the next step to the solution will be is the greatest. You don't need much more than that to do mathematics. That is part of their fascination. You have to experience the other part yourself.<br

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