Bachelor Mathematics

General informations

Courses of studies:

Mathematics with the fields of stud

  • Mathematics,
  • Computer mathematics,
  • Technomathematics,
  • Business mathematics
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)
Standard period of study: 6 Semester
Start of studies: Winter semester
Entry requirements: Higher education entrance qualification (e. g. Abitur) or relevant subject-specific higher education entrance qualification
Application: without restrication on admission
(Application at the Uni Magdeburg)
Application deadline: 15. September
15. Juli (International applicants)
Career fields / subsequent master programs: Mathematicians are generally employed in many different fields of activity. They benefit from the fact that they have worked independently in new subject areas during their studies. Examples of occupational fields include, for example, the following:
  • Research and development in the technical and economic field<br
  • Banks and Insurance companies
  • Administration and Consulting
  • Software development
  • Medicine and Pharmacy
In addition, the degree enables students to take up a master's degree in mathematics and, depending on the specialisation of an engineering science.

Who is suitable for which field of study?


The right choice for all those who have found particular pleasure in the basic science side of mathematics. Due to a wide range of lectures, the 3rd year students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in different areas, but also to discover cross-references within mathematics. Nevertheless, applications are not lost sight of. Algebra possesses such tools as coding theory and cryptography, optimization in strategic and operative planning of companies, analysis in the investigation of physical and engineering models, numerics in the development of computer-aided simulation methods for such models and mathematical stochastics in the modelling of random phenomena and the evaluation of data.


Computer mathematics

Almost all commercial applications of mathematics are computer-aided. Software development and application play a prominent role. Computer mathematics meets these requirements by developing computer science as a second major field of study. This orientation fits very well to a deepening in the mathematical areas of numerics (simulation of technical and physical processes), computer-oriented algebra (e. g. coding theory, cryptography) or optimization.



This choice is particularly suitable for those who are interested in the application of mathematical methods in key technologies. They are developing their application subject of technology (electrical engineering, mechanics or process engineering) into a second mainstay and are aiming at a later activity in the field of research and development of technology-oriented companies.


Business mathematics

Particularly suitable for those who are interested in the application of mathematical methods to economic questions. The prerequisite for this is that students must be enrolled in the application field of economics, which will be expanded into a second major field of study. On the mathematical side, knowledge in the areas of optimization and stochastics play an important role, which is imparted intensively in the 3rd year of studies. With the major in business mathematics, you are well prepared for a broad range of professions in business and administration. They are qualified for tasks in e. g. medicine, pharmacy, telecommunications, banking, insurance and solar technology.<br

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