Dr. Irem Portakal


I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Discrete, Convex and Toric Geometry research group of Benjamin Nill at Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg. I defended my thesis in April 2018 at Freie Universität Berlin. I was a PHD Student in Berlin Mathematical School and in the Algebraic Geometry Group of Klaus Altmann. Before, I was a master student at École Normale Supérieure in Lyon, France and an undergraduate student at Galatasaray University in Istanbul, Turkey.

I am currently interested in affine cones and polytopes arising from simple directed and undirected graphs appearing in research of various areas as Kazhdan-Lusztig varieties, T-varieties, Fano and reflexive polytopes.

Research Interests

Deformation theory of toric varieties and T-varieties, mutations of lattice polytopes, edge cones and polytopes, torus actions on matrix Schubert varieties and Kazhdan-Lusztig varieties.

  • Kazhdan-Lusztig varieties with a view towards T-varieties, with Maria Donten-Bury and Laura Escobar-Vega, in preparation.

  • Rigid toric matrix Schubert varieties, [arXiv:2001.11949] submitted.

  • On the classification of rigid toric varieties arising from bipartite graphs, [arXiv:1905.02445],submitted.

  • Rigidity of toric varieties associated to bipartite graphs, PHD Thesis, online at Freie Universität Berlin.


  • Rigid toric bipartite graphs, GitHub. Polymake and Singular scripts for investigating the rigidity of toric varieties arising from a bipartite graph.

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