Mathematics has always been my passion.

W. Kahle
Waltraud Kahle

I still find it fascinating to this day how universal mathematics is when, for example, in economic applications, the same processes occur that I have been using for a long time in my special field, technical statistics.

My field of work in mathematical statistics is where there are not enough suitable methods available for users. A classical statistical task often starts with the premise: N independent and identically distributed observations are given... But who would like to see an aircraft crash in order to be able to say something about its life span or service life? Or which manufacturer of refrigerators would like to wait 15 or 30 years for the first failure of all refrigerators in the sample to be observed? The handling of these tasks is very exciting. I have never thought about whether or not I have a male profession.

I'm very fond of lecturing. It is a lot of fun to work with young people every day and to be able to pass on experiences.

I have certainly had it much easier in my career than a young scientist today: an open-ended position at university creates the security that a woman needs to choose children. I've always wanted both in my life: science and family. My two children are now a mathematician and an experimental physicist with a doctorate.<br

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