SoSe 20 Mathematical Methods 2



This website is organized to share the exercise sheets and tutorial notes of SoSe20 Mathematical Methods 2. Tutorials

For the main page of the lecture please visit here.


INFORMATION ABOUT THE EXAM: Please read the "Hygiene Regulations" carefully and find your seat row in the "Room Plan" before arriving to exam.




Wed 1.15 p.m. - 2.45 p.m. in G05-H4 (120; ONLINE)


Dr. Irem Portakal: Mon 3.15 p.m. - 4.45 p.m. in G05-307 (40; ONLINE) (group 1)
Dr. Irem Portakal: Wed 11.15 a.m. - 12.45 p.m. in G10-460 (60; ONLINE) (group 2)

Tutorials for practicing:

Ms. Sanda-Maria Nicolaev: Fri 1.15 p.m. - 2.45 p.m. in G22A-208 (40; ONLINE )



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