Christopher Borger

Christopher Borger


I am a PhD candidate in the DFG research training group MathCoRe. My supervisors are Benjamin Nill and Gennadiy Averkov. My research focuses mainly on the different aspects of lattice polytopes, in particular on the investigation of mixed invariants of tuples of lattice polytopes, which is among others motivated by the interpretation as the set of Newton polytopes of a given system of polynomial equations.

Before that I did my bachelor's and master's degree at the Technical University Munich.



Published Articles:

  • Gennadiy Averkov, Christopher Borger, Ivan Soprunov: Inequalities between mixed volumes of convex bodies: volume bounds for the Minkowski sum, Mathematika (Volume 66, Issue 4, October 2020), arXiv:2002.03065
  • Christopher Borger, Benjamin Nill: On defectivity of families of full-dimensional point configurations, Proceedings of the AMS, Series B (Volume 7, 2020), view
  • Gabriele Balletti, Christopher Borger: Families of lattice polytopes of mixed degree one, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A (Volume 173, July 2020), arXiv:1904.01343


  • Gennadiy Averkov, Christopher Borger, Ivan Soprunov: Classification of triples of lattice polytopes with a given mixed volume, arXiv:1902.00891, accepted in Discrete & Computational Geometry


Past Activities:

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