Targets and tasks

Stuctural Taks

The decentralised gender equality officers

  • pay attention to the implementation of equal opportunities in all decision-making processes, e. g. by participating in committee meetings)
  • actively shape the processes of structural development, the allocation of funds and the further development of studies and teaching.participate in all personnel decisions and accompany the recruitment and appointment procedures
  • Support in the development of faculty-specific/decentralised equality concepts
  • Advising their faculty/organizational unit on updating the women's advancement plan

Individual tasks

The decentralised gender equality officers

  • are contact persons for all individual questions and problems concerning equal opportunities in education, studies, qualification phase and professional activities
  • provide information and support in finding solutions to individual equality issues
  • provide information on funding opportunities and programmes at university level
  • receive complaints about gender-specific discrimination and sexualised harassment and provide contact persons

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