Women can do mathematics just as well as men!

K. Simon
Kristin Simon

I was asked to explain here in a small article why especially women should study mathematics.

At the beginning this seemed to be easy. But then I realized that this question is not so easy to answer. There is no advantage that women have over men in studying mathematics.

Finally, however, the most important point occurred to me: women also have no disadvantage.

We women should therefore not be intimidated by the dominant "superiority" of men in this area. There are many studies that show that the "average man" is better in mathematics than the "average woman". This rather scores points with the languages. But what is average?

When someone asks me what I study, I am proud to say mathematics. But I'm much more proud of myself when I answer the question,"As a woman?" that I haven't been the only one for a long time.

The only question left is therefore:

Why not study mathematics as a woman?

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