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Selected Programs

ABACUS. A Branch-And-CUt System

ACE. A Maple Library for Algebraic Combinatorics Computations

AIMMS. Optimization Software for Operations Research Applications

AMPL. A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming

ATLAS. Finite Group Representations

CPLEX. Linear Programming Environment

CTAN. Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

GAP. System for Computational Discrete Algebra

GLPK. Linear Programming Kit

Graphlet. A Toolkit for Implementing Graph Editors and Graph Drawing Algorithms

LEDA. A Platform for Combinatorial and Geometric Computing

LiSA. A Library of Scheduling Algorihms

LOLA. A Library of Location Algorithms

MAGMA. Computational Algebra System for Algebra, Number Theory and Geometry

Mathematica. Integrated Technical Computing System

Maxima. A Computer Algebra System

MCF. A Network Simplex Implementation

Octave. A high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations

Polymake. A Tool for the Algorithmic Treatment of Polytopes and Polyhedra

Sage. Software application with features covering many aspects of mathematics, including algebra, combinatorics, numerical mathematics, and calculus

Scilab. A high-level, numerically oriented programming language

SF. Maple Packages for Symmetric Functions, Posets, Root Systems and Finite Coxeter Groups

SoPlex The Sequential Object-Oriented Simplex Class Library

VBCTOOL. A Graphical Interface for Visualization of Branch Cut algorithms

XPRESS. An Integrated LP and MIP Modelling and Optimisation System

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