Complexity Reduction in Algebraic Statistics (November 26-27, 2018)


The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers interested in algebraic statistics and the mathematics of data in order to foster new research collaborations.  There will be opportunities to discuss open problems and new research directions.  We encourage everybody to not only highlight past achievements, but also give an outlook into the future.

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Eliana Duarte
Thomas Kahle
Frank Röttger
Rainer Schwabe


Paul Breiding MPI MIS Leipzig
Christian Haase FU Berlin
Emil Horobet Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania
Kaie Kubjas Sorbonne U Paris and Aalto U Helsinki
Hugo Maruri-Aguilar Queen Mary University of London
Fatemeh Mohammadi University of Bristol
Nina Otter MPI MIS Leipzig
Fabio Rapallo University of Eastern Piedmont
Eva Riccomagno University of Genoa
Henry Wynn London School of Economics

 There is a poster for download!

Tentative Schedule

The official program starts on Monday at 9am and ends on Tuesday at 5pm. We encourage participants to arrive on Sunday evening and leave on Wednesday morning. There will be a conference dinner on Monday November 26 at 7pm.

Full program


The workshop will take place at Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg.

Address: Universitätsplatz 2, 39106 Magdeburg.

Link to a map of important places for the workshop (Map might not work correctly on mobile devices).

Venue Day 1: Building 03, Room 214. Please check the map to find the venue for day 1 on the university campus. Furthermore, please note that buildings 02 and 03 are connected and that the entrances are on the inner angle of Building 02/03. The closest tram stop is "Universität".

Venue Day 2: Otto-von-Guericke-Zentrum in the Lukasklause Schleinufer 1. Please check the map. It is either reachable by tram line 5 via the tram stop "Askanischer Platz" or by foot in 10 minutes from the university or in 25 minutes from the city center.

Directions: To get to the university you can take one of the following tram lines (network plan):

  • from main station: Leave the station through the main(eastern) gate and pass through the shopping mall directly opposite to the main station. Cross the street and take tram line 10 at "City Carré" in direction "Barleber See". The station you have to get off is called "Universität". (by foot via Otto-von-Guerricke-Straße approx. 25 min)
  • from the city center: Take the tram line 1 or 9 at "Domplatz/Volksbank", "Leiterstr.", "Goldschmiedebrücke" or "Alter Markt" in direction "Ikea" or "Neustädter See". Get off at "Universität". (by foot via Breiter Weg approx. 20 min)
  • from Berlin: If you take a train from Berlin, we suggest to get off at "Magdeburg-Neustadt". Either you walk down "Lüneburger Straße" to the university (approximately 10 minutes) or you can take a tram (lines 1, 9 or 10)  at "Magdeburg, S-Bahnhof Neustadt" (in direction "Sudenburg", "Reform" or "Olvenstedter Platz" respectively) and get off at "Universität".

From the tram station "Universität" it is just a few meters. Please have a look at the interactive map of the campus.

Tram tickets: Inside the trams are ticket machines. A single ticket costs 2,20 and can only be paid by coins. Alternatively, one can buy mobile tickets with the App easy.Go or with the Deutsche Bahn App "DB Navigator".


There are numerous hotels in Magdeburg. Three options:

  • Maritim Hotel: middle-upper class hotel in the city center, close to the main station.

  • Motel One: middle class hotel close to the cathedral.

  •  B&B Hotel: recently opened budget hotel, also in the city center.

Travel Information

By Rail

The simplest way to get to Magdeburg from most locations in Germany is by train. You may check train routes and timetables through the website of Deutsche Bahn. Please note that Magdeburg central station is momentarily under reconstruction, which means that some tracks are closed. Therefore you might arrive on the temporary track 13, which is not directly connected to the main tunnel of the station. In this case, follow the signs leading to the western entrance of the station to get through the main tunnel to the old town.

By Air

The closest major airports are Berlin-Tegel (recommended) or Berlin-Schönefeld. Other possible airports are Flughafen Hannover-Langenhagen or Flughafen Leipzig/Halle. Instructions on how to get to Magdeburg from each airport:

  • From Berlin-Tegel: Take a bus line 109 in direction "Zoologischer Garten". Get off at "Kaiser-Friedrich-Str./Kantstr." and walk to the rail station "Berlin-Charlottenburg" which is just a few meters. From there you can take a direct connection till "Magdeburg Hbf".
  • From Berlin-Schönefeld: From "Berlin-Schönefeld" you can take a train till "Potsdam Hbf". Get off there and take another train which will bring you directly to Magdeburg.
  • From Hannover-Langenhagen: Take an S-Bahn "S 5" from the airport. Get off at "Hannover Hbf" and take a train which will bring you directly to Magdeburg.
  • From Leipzig/Halle: From this airport there are several possibilities to get to Magdeburg depending on the time you arrive. Please check the website of Deutsche Bahn to find the best route for you.


Funding for the workshop is provided by the DFG Research Training Group on Mathematical Complexity Reduction at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg.


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