Prof. Dr. Gary McGuire

All schemes and protocols in Public Key Cryptography today are based on one of two hard problems, the Integer Factorization Problem or the Discrete Logarithm Problem. We will give a full introduction to these matters, including the historical development and connections between the IFP and the DLP. We will explain some recent developments in the DLP and their consequences. In particular, we will explain how polynomials of a certain shape were important in our results. Based on joint work with Faruk Gologlu, Robert Granger, and Jens Zumbragel. Our paper won the best paper award at the CRYPTO 2013 conference.

Datum: 04.12.2014, Raum: G03-106, Zeit: 17:00

Letzte Änderung: 10.04.2018 - Ansprechpartner: Prof. Dr. Volker Kaibel