12-16  Walter M.,Truemper K.
Implementation of a Unimodularity Test
MSC: 90C27, 52B40
12-15 Gafarov E.R., Dolgui A.,Lazarev, A.Werner F.
A Graphical Approach to Solve an Investment Optimization Problem
MSC: 90C27, 90C39, 90C10, 90B50
12-14 Mielke T.,Schwabe R.
Sample Size Calculation for Diagnostic Tests in Generalized Linear Mixed Models
MSC: 62J12, 62P10, 62K99
12-12 Grunau H.-C.,Robert F.
Uniform estimates for polyharmonic Green functions in domains with small holes
MSC: 35J40, 35B50
12-11 Abdelrahman M.A.E., Kunik M.
The Ultra-Relativistic Euler Equation
MSC: 35L45, 35L60, 35L65, 35L67, 76Y05
12-10 Großmann H.,Graßhoff, U.,Schwabe, R.
A catalogue of designs for partial profiles in paired comparison experiments with three groups of factors
MSC: 62K05
12-09 Wheeler, G.
Chen's conjecture and ε-superbiharmonic submanifolds of Riemannian manifolds
MSC: 53C42, 53A07, 35j60, 58G03
12-08 N. Gaffke, U. Graßhoff, R. Schwabe
Classical algorithms for approximate linear regression design applied to a first order model with heteroscedasticity
MSC: 62K05
12-07 Wheeler, G.
Global analysis of the generalised Helfrich flow of closed curves immersed in $\R^n$
MSC: 53C42, 53A04, 49Q10, 58D25, 35K30
12-05 A. Malevich, W. Willems
On the classification of the extremal self-dual codes over small fields with 2-transitive automorphism groups
MSC: 94B05, 20B20, 20B25
12-04 C. Martinez-Parez, W. Willems
On the dimensions of PIM's
MSC: 20C20, 20C05, 20C30, 20C33
12-03 A. Dall'Acqua, K. Deckelnick, G. Wheeler
Unstable Willmore surfaces of revolution subject to natural boundary conditions
MSC: 35J40, 49J45, 49Q10
12-02 F. Schieweck, P. Skrzypacz
A Local Projection Stabilization method with shock capturing and diagonal mass matrix for solving non-stationary transport dominated problems
MSC: 65N30, 65M30
12-01 Kunik, M.
MSC: 11A99

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