Faculty of Mathematics

GAMM 2024

"Around 1000 scientists from over 30 countries are expected to attend the annual conference of the Society for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM) from 18 to 22 March 2024, jointly organized by the Faculty of Mathematics, the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. " more Info and Press release of the Uni.


Workshop FRICO 2024

 The 27th Workshop on Future Research in Combinatorial Optimization will take place from 9 to 13 September 2024 at OVGU Magdeburg! All information is available at frico2024.ovgu.de.


Compulsory elective courses SuSe2024

An overview of the compulsory elective courses for the summer semester 2024 can be found here.


Seminars SuSe2024

An overview of the compulsory elective courses for the summer semester 2024 can be found here.


The maths faculty has tasted blood - and won!

"Saving lives without being able to see blood" has long been an advertising slogan for the Faculty of Maths and its medicine-related lectures. The fact that mathematicians can very well see blood was proven by their victory in the competition organised by the faculties of the university blood bank.

For several months, members and friends of all faculties were able to donate blood, plasma, thrombocytes and stem cells and score points for their faculty. The news came in mid-December: the smallest faculty donated the most! We are delighted and would like to thank the Blutspendewesen in Magdeburg e.V. and the OVGU Student Council for providing the €1000 prize money and for motivating our fellow students and colleagues from all over the the university.

The prize money is used by the faculty student council for you - the students of the faculty! Come to the next games evening and have fun or attend the next meeting and present your idea for our faculty.

From 31.01.2024 you can donate blood again in Magdeburg, this time at the German Red Cross. We hope many of you will be there again!


First university school in Saxony-Anhalt

 Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and the state capital Magdeburg are planning to establish the first university school IGS Willy Brandt in Saxony-Anhalt.


Thematic year "Climate change and mathematics"

In October 2023, the Faculty of Mathematics starts a thematic year on the topic of "Climate change and mathematics".


On expedition

Dr. Carolin Mehlmann and Prof. Thomas Richter from the Faculty of Mathematics have returned from their expedition on the research vessel "Polarstern" to the Arctic Ocean. See MDR report from 06.11.2023

MDR report from 03.08.2023 

 Dr. Carolin Mehlmann and Prof. Thomas Richter from the Faculty of Mathematics set off on an expedition to the Arctic Ocean on the research vessel "Polarstern" in August.


Hardware support for students

You don't have a laptop to write your Bachelor's thesis or participate in the exciting online lectures while travelling? No worries! We'll lend you one.
Write an e-mail to fmait@ovgu.de
("Asus Expertbook P1510", 15 inch display, 8 GB of memory, 256 GB of SSD storage -> while supplies last).


For prospective students

Studying at the faculty is outstanding!


Mathematics students at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg are very satisfied with the Master's degree programme: they rate the organisation of their degree programme as very good. Mathematics also achieves several top rankings in research: in publications per researcher, research funding per researcher and doctorates per professor. To the CHE ranking.

In previous years, the Master's degree programmes in Mathematics and Statistics had already achieved top positions and the Faculty's Bachelor's degree programmes in Applied Statistics, Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering also achieved excellent results. Press release Master / Press release Bachelor.


Good career prospects in Magdeburg: Industry giant Intel builds mega-fab in Magdeburg.


New degree programme ''AI and Machine Learning''

Machine learning and artificial intelligence methods have made incredible progress in recent years. Today, it is completely natural for us to dictate to our mobile phones or for cars to recognise and react to dangers independently. All of this was unthinkable just a few years ago. The foundations for these successes often lie in machine learning and the use of artificial neural networks.
However, these advances have also raised many new questions: How do we deal with big data? When can we trust artificial intelligence? How can we explain the answers of deep neural networks? Such questions can only be answered with mathematics. Studying the structures underlying machine learning offers many opportunities for better understanding and functioning. In the specialisation ''AI and Machine Learning'', different areas of mathematics are combined: stochastics, optimisation, analysis, algebra and numerics. AI and machine learning require a very broad view from different directions. At the same time, computer science and the particular application context, e.g. from engineering or medicine, must not be forgotten.

Certificate course for lateral entry teachers

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