Research Group Numerical Mathematics



Prof. Dr. G. Warnecke

apl. Prof. Dr. M. Kunik



Research Assistants


B.Sc. I. Alshami

M.Sc. Adnan Hayat

M.Sc. Christoph Matern

Dr. Ferdinand Thein

M.Sc. Hazem Yaghi




Research Interest


  • Convergence, stability and accuracy of numerical methods, for partial differential equations, analysis and development of numerical methods, finite element methods, finite volume methods, finite difference methods, dicontinuous Galerkin methods, kinetic schemes
  • Theoretical and numerical study of systems of conservation and balance, especially in gas dynamics, multi phase mixtures, laser induced gas bubbles
  • Riemann problems for systems of hyperbolic conservation laws, resonant waves, phase transitions
  • Analytical and numerical methods for population balance equations in chemical and bio process engineering, existence and uniqueness of solutions, cell average method, finite volume schemes, discontinuous Galerkin methods


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