Preprints 2002

02-39 Martinez-Perez, C.; Willems,W.
Self-dual modules and self-dual codes
MSC: 20C05, 94B05
02-38 Jerzy Bialkowski; Thorsten Holm; Andrzej Skowronski
On nonstandard tame selfinjective algebras having only periodic modules
MSC: 16G20, 18E30, 16G60, 16G70, 16D50
(published in: Colloquium Math. 97 (2003), 33-47)
02-37 Lavrova, O.; Matthies, G.; Mitkova, T.; Polevikov, V.; Tobiska,L.
Finite Element Methods for Coupled Problems in Ferrohydrodynamics
MSC: 65N30, 76D05, 78A30
02-36 Chen, L.; Hsiao, L.; Warnecke, G.
Smooth Solution and Its Large Time Behavior to Multi-Dimensional Lyumkis Energy Transport Model in Semiconductor Science
MSC: 35M10, 35K55, 35K65, 78A35
02-35 Arioli, G.; Gazzola, F.; Grunau, H.-Ch.; Mitidieri, E.
A semilinear fourth order elliptic problem with exponential nonlinearity
MSC: 35J65, 35J40
(published in: SIAM J. Math. Anal. 36 , 1226-1258 (2005).)
02-34 Schieweck, F.
Construction of Higher Order Discretely Divergence Free Finite Elements for Incompressible Flow
MSC: 65N30, 65N22, 76D07, 76D05
02-33 Erdmann, K.; Holm, Th.; Iyama, O.; Schröer, J.
Radical embeddings and representation dimension
MSC: 16G10, 16E10, 16G20
02-32 A. Dall'Acqua; H.-Ch. Grunau; G.H. Sweers
On a conditioned Brownian motion and a maximum principle in the disk
MSC: 35B50, 60J65, 35A08
(published in: J. Anal. 93 , 309-329 (2004).)
02-31 Kunik, M.
Formal Mathematical Systems including a Structural Induction Principle
MSC: 03F03, 03B70, 03D03, 03D05
02-30 Weißbach, B.
Der Starrheitssatz und die Deltaeder
MSC: 51M04, 51M20, 52C25
02-29 Dunca, A.; John, V.; Layton, W.
Approximating local averages of fluid velocities: the equilibrium Navier--Stokes equations
MSC: 65N30
02-28 Volker John
The behaviour of the rational LES model in a two--dimensional mixing layer problem
MSC: 76F99
02-27 Emelichev, V.A.; Krichko, V.N.; Nikulin, Yu.V.
The Stability Radius of an Efficient Solution in Minmax Boolean Programming Problem
MSC: 90C27, 90C29
02-26 Reifegerste, A.
On the diagram of 132-avoiding permutations
MSC: 05A05, 05A15
02-25 Kuehnel, M.
Calabi-Yau-threefolds with Picard number rho(X)=2 and their Kaehler cone II
MSC: 14J30
02-24 Kuehnel, M.
Calabi-Yau-threefolds with Picard number rho(X)=2 and their Kaehler cone I
MSC: 14J30
02-23 Matthias Köppe; Robert Weismantel
Cutting Planes from a Mixed Integer Farkas Lemma
MSC: 90C11
02-22 Bessenrodt, C.; Pournaki, M. R.; Reifegerste, A.
A Note on the Orthogonal Basis of a Certain Full Symmetry Class of Tensors
MSC: 20C30, 15A69
02-21 Kunik, M.; Qamar, S.; Warnecke, G.
Kinetic Schemes for the Relativistic Gas Dynamics
MSC: 65M99, 76Y05
02-20 Sotskov, Y.N.; Dolgui, A.; Sotskova, N.; Werner, F.
Stability of the Optimal Line Balance: Case of a Fixed Number of Stations
MSC: 90B30, 90C31
(published in: Proceedings of the ACS'02 - SCM conference, Poland, October 23 - 25, 2002, 21 - 29.)
02-19 Jerzy Bialkowski; Thorsten Holm; Andrzej Skowronski
Derived equivalences for tame weakly symmetric algebras having only periodic modules
MSC: 16G10, 18E30, 16D50, 16G60, 16G70
(published in: Journal of Algebra 269 No.2 (2003), 652-668)
02-18 Lehmann, A.
Smoothness of First Passage Time Distributions and a new Integral Equation for the First Passage Time Density of Countinuous Markov Processes
MSC: 60G40, 60J25, 60J65
02-17 Köppe, Matthias; Weismantel, Robert
An Algorithm for Mixed Integer Optimization
MSC: 90C10
02-16 Grasshoff, U.; Grossmann, H.; Holling, H.; Schwabe, R.
Optimal Paired Comparison Designs for First Order Interactions
MSC: 62K05, 62J15, 62K15
02-15 Grossmann, H.; Holling, H.; Grasshoff, U.; Schwabe, R.
On the Empirical Relevance of Optimal Designs for the Measurement of Preferences
MSC: 62K05, 62J15
02-14 Volker John; William J. Layton; Niyazi Sahin
Derivation and Analysis of Near Wall Models for Channel and Recirculating Flows
MSC: 76D10
02-13 Schwabe, R.; Grasshoff, U.; Grossmann, H.; Holling, H.
Optimal $2^K$ Paired comparison Designs for Partial Profiles
MSC: 62K05, 62J15, 62K15
02-12 Bräsel, H.; Girlich, E. (Hg.)
15. Workshop on Discrete Optimization
MSC: 90C30
02-11 Gazzola, F.; Grunau, H.-Ch.; Squassina, M.
Existence and nonexistence results for critical growth biharmonic elliptic equations
MSC: 35J65, 35J40, 58E05
(published in: Calc. Var. PDE 18 , 117-143 (2003).)
02-10 Gaffke, N.; Zöllner, A.
A resampling approach for under-estimating a finite population total from a censored sample
MSC: 62G09, 62G15
(published in: Communications in statistics 32 (2003), 12, S.2305-2320.)
02-09 Stynes,M.; Tobiska,L.
The SDFEM for a convection-diffusion problem with a boundary layer: optimal error analysis and enhancement of accuracy
MSC: 65N15, 65N30
02-08 Holm, Thorsten
Hochschild Cohomology of Tame Blocks
MSC: 20C05, 16E40, 16G60
02-07 Girlich, E.; Höding, M.; Horbach, A.; Kovalev, M.
On the diameter of the circuit and k-cycle polytopes
MSC: 90C30
02-06 Weißbach, B.
On the chromatic number of R^d
MSC: 05C15, 51M16, 52C10
02-05 Willems, W.
A Note on Self-Dual Group Codes
MSC: 94B05, 20C20
02-04 Heiligers, B.; Hilgers, R.-D.
A note on optimal mixture and mixture amount designs
MSC: 62K05, 62J05
(published in: Statistica Sinica 13 (2003), 3, S.709-726.)
02-03 Blazewicz, J.; Pesch, E.; Sterna, M.; Werner, F.
The Two-Machine Flow-Shop Problem with Weighted Late Work Criterion and Common Due Date
MSC: 90B35
(published in: European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 165, No. 2, 2005, 408 - 415.)
02-02 Lukacova-Medvidova, M.; Saibertova, J.; Warnecke, G.
Finite volumen evolution Galerkin methods for nonlinear hyperbolic systems
MSC: 35L05, 65M06, 35L45, 35L65, 65M25, 65M15
02-01 Dunca, A.; John V.; Layton W.J.
The Commutation Error of the Space Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations on a Bounded Domain
MSC: 35Q30

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