The behaviour of the rational LES model in a two--dimensional mixing layer problem

by Volker John


Preprint series: 02-28, Preprints

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Abstract: The paper presents the first numerical study of the rational LES model proposed by Galdi and Layton (2000) at a high Reynolds number flow. Two variants of this model, differing in the model for the subgrid scale tensor, and the Smagorinsky model are studied at a 2d mixing layer problem. After having performed a DNS on a very fine grid, the filtered DNS solution is compared to the solutions obtained with the LES models on a coarse grid. The rational LES model with a subgrid scale model proposed by Iliescu and Layton (1998) gives by far the best results.

Keywords: large eddy simulation, rational LES model, Smagorinsky model, mixing layer problem

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