Preprints 2004

04-34 Achill Schürmann; Frank Vallentin
Methods in the Local Theory of Packing and Covering Lattices
MSC: 11H31, 05B40, 52C17
04-33 Henk, M.
Finite and Infinite Lattice Packings
MSC: 11H31, 05B40
04-32 Eid, Wolfram
Geometrische Analogien im Mathematikunterricht
MSC: 51N20
04-31 Bey, Ch.
The Edge-Diametric Theorem in Hamming Spaces
MSC: 05D05, 06A07
04-30 Martínez-Pérez, Conchita; Willems, Wolfgang
Self-dual extended cyclic codes
MSC: 94B15, 94B05, 20C05
04-29 Achill Schürmann; Frank Vallentin
Local Covering Optimality of Lattices: Leech Lattice versus Root Lattice E8
MSC: 11H31, 05B40, 52C17
04-28 Deckelnick, K.; Dziuk, G.
Error estimates for the Willmore flow of graphs
MSC: 65M15, 35K55, 65M60
04-27 Lukacova-Medvidova, M.; Warnecke, G.; Zahaykah, Y.
Finite Volume Evolution Galerkin (FVEG) Methods for Three-Dimensinal Wave Equation System
MSC: 35L05, 65M06, 35L45, 35L65, 65M25
04-26 Grossmann, H.; Holling, H.; Grasshoff, U.; Schwabe, R.
Optimal Designs for Asymmetric Linear Paired Comparisons with a Profile Strength Constraint
MSC: 62K05, 62J15
04-25 Entholzner, M.; Benda, N.; Schmelter, Th.; Schwabe, R.
A Note on Designs for Estimating Population Parameters
MSC: 62K05, 62J10, 62H12, 62P10
04-24 Aliev, I.; Henk, M.
Successive Minima and best Simultaneous Diophantine Approximations
MSC: 11H06, 11J13, 52C07
04-23 Kunik, M.
Selected Initial and Boundary Value Problems for Hyperbolic Systems and Kinetic Equations
MSC: 76Y05, 82C40, 82C70
04-22 Hofmann, Norbert; Müller-Gronbach, Thomas
An optimal algorithm for strong approximation of scalar sdde's with constant delay based on equidistant Brownian evaluation
MSC: 65U05, 60H10
04-21 Wolfgang Willems
Mathematik in der Fußball-Bundesliga. Sollte man die Spiele anders bewerten?
MSC: 15A18
04-20 Rafajlowicz, E.; Schwabe R.
Halton and Hammersley Sequences in Multivariate Nonparametric Regression
MSC: 62K05
04-18 Müller-Gronbach, Thomas; Ritter, Klaus
Non-uniform time discretization and lower bounds for approximation of stochastic heat equations
MSC: 65U05
04-17 Vandemeulebroecke, M.
Two-stage adaptive tests: Overall p-values and new tests
MSC: 62L05, 62P10
(published in: Statistica Sinica 2006)
04-16 Inderfurth, K.; Janiak, A.; Kovalyov, M.Y.; Werner, F.
Batching Work and Rework Processes with Limited Deterioration of Reworkables
MSC: 90B30, 90B35, 68Q25
(published in: Computers & Operations Research, Vol. 33, 2006, 1595 - 1605.)
04-15 Christoph, G.
Exact Rates of Convergence for Compound Sums of Random Variables with Common Regularly Varying Distribution Function
MSC: 60F05, 60F10, 60G50, 60E07
(published in: V. Antonov, C. Huber, M. Nikulin, V. Polischook (eds.) Longevity, Aging and Degradation Models in Reliability, Public Health, Medicine and Biology, Vol.2, St. Petersburg, 2004, pp. 56 - 67. ISBN 5-7422-0638-0 (Proceedings of the 1-st International French-Russian Workshop 'Longevity, Aging and Degradation Models in Reliability, Public Health, Medicine and Biology', 7-9 June 2004, St. Petersburg, Russia))
04-14 Blazewicz, J.; Pesch, E.; Sterna, M.; Werner, F.
A Comparison of Solution Procedures for Two-Machine Flow Shop Scheduling with Late Work Criterion
MSC: 90B35
(published in: Computers & Industrial Engineering, Vol. 49, 2005, 611 - 624.)
04-13 Gaffke, N.
Three test statistics for a nonparametric one-sided hypothesis on the mean of a nonnegative variable
MSC: 62G10, 62G15
04-12 Matthies, G.; Tobiska, L.
Inf-sup stable non-conforming finite elements of arbitrary order on triangles
MSC: 65N12, 65N30
04-11 Holm,T.; Willems,W.
A local conjecture on Brauer character degrees of finite groups
MSC: 20C20, 15A18, 15A36, 16G60, 20C05
04-10 Baicheva,T.; Bouyukliev,I.; Dodunekov,S.; Willems,W.
Teaching Linear Codes
MSC: 94B05, 94B70
04-09 Qamar, S.; Warnecke, G.
A High Order Kinetic Flux-Splitting Method for the Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics
MSC: 65M99, 76Y05, 85A30
04-08 Qamar, S.; Warnecke, G.
A High Order Kinetic Flux-Splitting Method for the Special Relativistic Hydrodynamics
MSC: 65M99, 76Y05, 85A30
(published in: Accepted in International Journal of Computational Methods (IJCM))
04-07 Achill Schürmann; Frank Vallentin
Computational Approaches to Lattice Packing and Covering Problems
MSC: 11H31
04-06 Gaffke, N.
Nonparametric one-sided testing for the mean and related extremum problems.
MSC: 62G10, 28C15
04-05 Tang, H.; Warnecke, G.
A Runge-Kutta Discontinuos Galerkin Method for the Euler Equations
MSC: 35L65, 65M06, 65M99
(published in: Computers & Fluids)
04-04 Köppe, Matthias; Louveaux, Quentin; Weismantel, Robert; Wolsey, Laurence A.
Extended Formulations for Gomory Corner Polyhedra
MSC: 90C10
04-03 Lukacova-Medvidova, M.; Warnecke, G.; Zahaykah, Y.
On stability of the evolution Galerkin schemes applied to a two-dimensional wave equation system
MSC: 35L05, 65M06, 35L45, 35L65, 65M25, 42B10, 65M12
04-02 Sashikumaar Ganesan; Volker John
Pressure Separation - a Technique for Improving the Velocity Error in Finite Element Discretisations of the Navier-Stokes Equations
MSC: 65N30
04-01 Baicheva,T.; Bouyukliev,I.; Dodunekov,S.; Willems,W.
On the [10,5,6] Reed-Solomon and Glynn Codes
MSC: 94B05

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