Successive Minima and Radii

by Henk, M.; Hernández Cifre, M. A.


Preprint series: 08-02, Preprints

52A20 Convex sets in $n$ dimensions (including convex hypersurfaces), See also {53A07, 53C45}
52C07 Lattices and convex bodies in $n$ dimensions, See Also {11H06, 11H31, 11P21}
52A40 Inequalities and extremum problems
52A39 Mixed volumes and related topics


Abstract: In this note we present inequalities relating the successive minima of a o-symmetric convex body and the successive inner and outer radii of the body. These inequalities build a bridge between known inequalities involving only either the successive minima or the successive radii.

Keywords: Successive minima, inner and outer radii

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