Preprints 2008

08-25 Cohn, Henry; Elkies, Noam;Kumar, Abhinav; Schuermann, Achill
Point configurations that are asymmetric yet balanced
MSC: 05E20
08-24 Dall'Acqua, A.;Froehlich, S.;Grunau, H-Ch.;Schieweck, F.
Symmetric Willmore surfaces of revolution satisfying arbitrary Dirichlet boundary data
MSC: 49Q10, 53C42, 35J65, 34L30
08-23 Matsveichuk, Y.;Sotskov, Y. Werner, F.
The Dominance Graph as a Solution to the Two-Machine Flow-Shop Problem with Interval Processing Times
MSC: 90B35
08-22 Conchita Martínez-Pérez; Wolfgang Willems
The trivial intersection problem for characters of principal indecomposable modules
MSC: 20C20, 20C15, 20D06
08-21 Nagaiah, C.;Warnecke, G.
Adaptive higher order numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer in fluidized beds
MSC: 76T05, 65L20, 65M20
08-20 Schuermann, A.
Perfect, strongly eutactic lattices are periodic extreme
MSC: 11H55, 52C17
08-19 Dutour Sikiric, M.;Schuermann, A.;Vallentin, A.
Complexity and algorithms for computing Voronoi cells of lattices
MSC: 03D15, 11H56, 11H06, 52B55, 52B12
08-18 Henk, M.;Aliev, I.
Integer Knapsacks: Average behavior of the frobenius numbers
MSC: 11D04, 11D85, 68Q25
08-17 Gazolla, F.; Grunau, H.-Ch
Some new properties of biharmonic heat kernels
MSC: 35K30, 35B50
08-16 Deckelnick, K.;Guenther, A.;Hinze, M
Finite element approximation of Dirichlet boundary control for elliptic PDEs on two-and threedimensional curved domains
MSC: 49J20, 49K20, 35B37
08-15 Lazarev, A.; Werner, F.
A Graphical Approach for Solving NP-Hard Combinatorial Problems
MSC: 90C39, 90C27
08-14 Tobiska, L.
On the relationship of local projection stabilization to other stabilized methods for one-dimentional advection-diffusion equations
MSC: 65L20, 35B25, 65L60
08-13 Kravchenko, S.A.; Werner, F.
On Preemptive Scheduling on Uniform Machines to Minimize Mean Flow Time
MSC: 90B35
08-12 Lazarev, A.; Werner, F.
Algorithms for Special Single Machine Total Tardiness Problems
MSC: 90B35
08-11 Knobloch, P.; Tobiska, L.
On the stability of finite element discretizations of convection--diffusion--reaction equations
MSC: 65N12, 65N30
08-10 Faenza, Y.; Kaibel, V.
Extended Formulations for Packing and Partitioning Orbitopes
MSC: 90C10
08-09 Niaparast, Mehrdad
MSC: 62K05, 62J12
08-08 Deckelnick, K.;Elliott, C.M.;Styles, V.
Optimal control of the propagation of a graph in inhomogeneous media
MSC: 49J20, 49L25, 49M25
08-07 Averkov, G.
Notes on the algebra and geometry of polynomial representations
MSC: 14P10, 52B05
08-06 Averkov, G.
Representing elementary semi-algebraic sets by a few polynomial inequaltities: A constructive approach
MSC: 14P10, 14Q99, 03C10, 90C26
08-05 Andresen, M.; Bräsel, H.; Plauschin, M.; Werner, F.
Using Simulated Annealing for Open Shop Scheduling with Sum Criteria
MSC: 90B35
(published in: This paper is contained as a chapter in the open access book `Global Optimization: Focus on Simulated Annealing', I-techonline, 2008.)
08-04 Pham Huu Tiep; Wolfgang Willems
Brauer characters of prime power degrees and conjugacy classes of prime power lengths
MSC: 20C20, 20E34, 20D06, 20D08
08-03 Ganesan, S; Tobiska, L.
A coupled arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian and Lagrangian method for computation of free-surface flows with insoluble surfactants
MSC: 76M10, 76D05, 76R99
08-02 Henk, M.; Hernández Cifre, M. A.
Successive Minima and Radii
MSC: 52A20, 52C07, 52A40, 52A39
08-01 Kunik, M.
Logarithmic Fourier integrals for the Riemann Zeta Function
MSC: 11M06, 11N05, 42A38, 30D10, 30D50

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