Adaptive higher order numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer in fluidized beds

by Nagaiah, C.; Warnecke, G.


Preprint series: 08-21, Preprints

76T05 Two-phase and multiphase flows
65L20 Stability of numerical methods
65M20 Method of lines


Abstract: In this article we present adaptive numerical results of heat and mass transfer in fluidized beds using higher order time stepping methods. The model equations are strongly coupled and semi linear partial differential equations with boundary conditions. The invariant regions are presented for this model to check the solution bounds. These bounds gives the minimum and maximum values of solutions. The numerical discretization for the space using the finite element method is presented. For the time discretization higher order lineary implicit Runge-Kutta methods are used. These methods use the adaptive time step selection criteria to obtain the faster results. The present article focuses on higher order and efficient numerical results for the solution of concentration and temperature distributions inside fluidized beds (FB) with liquid spray injection. The numerical results are tested with different time stepping methods for different spatial grid sizes. These methods shows very good improvement for this particular problem compared to the numerical results presented in Nagaiah [12]. The numerical results motivate us to proceed to more complicated three space dimensional simulations including exact mass balance equations for the liquid spray injection.

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