This is a list of all public LiSA releases.

LiSA 3.0

   Change to XML based file formats.

Batch processing is now available due to an automated call of algorithms (auto_alg).

Completely revised help files.

Newly implemented algorithms, especially genetic algorithms for shop problems and Beam-Search-Approach (Insert and Append).

New neighbourhoods for the iterative algorithms.

Smith Rule is exact for sumWiCi, not sumWiTi.

Enabled further neighbourhoods for the neighbourhood search algorithms.

Reworked installation routine for Windows. LiSA now runs on Windows Vista and 7, too.

Fixed some minor bugs in the GUI.

LiSA 2.3final

   No real new features, this is a bugfix and consolidation release.

Source code should now be c++ standard compatible.

LiSA can now be compiled with Intel's C++ Compiler 7.0. This has great speed advantages for example with the Branch and Bound algorithm.

Directory structure reorganised. Makefiles adapted.

Classification module no longer used to determine usable algorithms. This was no longer possible, since the algorithms are unable to do even trivial transformations.

Replaced LiSA's string class with the standard string class. Fixed bugs resulting from that.

While reading from files the syntax is checked more strict.

LiSA's now compatible with Tcl/Tk 8.4 and earlier versions.

Numerous crash reasons fixed, both in algorithms and the main program.

LiSA 2.3pre2

   Prerelease, showed at the student part of the annual DMV conference in 2002.

This version already contained most of the changes from 2.3final, but was never released to the public.

LiSA 2.1

   Added various new algorithms made by studends in computer labs. (Beam Search, Gonzales and Sahni reducing set algorithm, Johnson Rule, LAPT Rule, MS Rule)

LiSA 2.0


LiSA 1.0

   Initial release.

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