Answers to frequently and less frequently asked questions.

Q.: The configure script does not find my Tcl/Tk installation directories or there are error messages regarding to Tcl/Tk during compilation.

A.: Pass the correct directory paths of Tcl/Tk libraries and includes to the configue script. The correct include directory is where the file "tcl.h" lies (e.g. /usr/include/tcl8.4). For the lib directory, please look for libtclX.X.so (with the relevant version number, like libtcl8.4.so). Then, invoke the configure script like this:

./configure --enable-release --with-tcl-libraries=<lib-dir> --with-tcl-includes=<include-dir>

Q.: I use cygwin and have definitely settled the right Tcl/Tk paths. Nevertheless there is the error message: "Tcl_Init_failed: Can't find usable init.tcl in the following directories: ..."

A.: You may try to create one of these directories by means of a symlink. Up to now, the following command helped with all occured error messages of this type:

ln -s /usr/share /share

Q.: May I close the console window that opens automatically when I start LiSA on Windows?

A.: No, this console belongs to LiSA; if necessary, error messages are reported here. When you close this window, LiSA will also be terminated.

Q.: In the console window under Windows appears the following warning: "MS-DOS style path detected: ...".

A.: This message may occur, but it has no further impact.

Q.: I extracted LiSA 2.3 on Windows and ran setup.bat. When I now call lisa.bat it does not work.

A.: Please edit lisa.bat and replace all path names by their MS-DOS equivalents. You can also try to unzip LiSA to a directory with DOS compatible names.

Q.: How can I uninstall LiSA under Windows?

A.: For uninstallation, execute the file "uninst000.exe" in the LiSA installation directory.

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