Das Oberseminar des IAG findet in unregelmäßigen Abständen dienstags, 13-14 Uhr, in Raum G02-20 statt. Zu den Vorträgen sind alle Interessierten herzlich eingeladen.


9. April 2019

Giulia Codenotti
(FU Berlin)
Hollow polytopes of large width Abstract
16. April 2019 Alessandro Oneto
23. April 2019 Silke Neuhaus
Proof comprehension of undergraduate students  
30. April 2019 Benjamin Brück
(Uni Bielefeld)
Coset complexes and the Cohen-Macaulay property  Abstract
8. Mai 2019 Dawid Kielak
(Uni Bielefeld)
Fibring of manifolds and groups  Abstract

28. Mai 2019

Do Trong Hoang
(Hanoi + OVGU)
The second power of the squarefree monomial ideals


13. Juni 2019
(14 Uhr)

Pedro Vitor Rodrigues da Conceicao
(Uni Göttingen)

Morse Theory and finiteness properties of right-angled Artin group and diagram groups


18. Juni 2019

Yuri Santos Rego

2. Juli 2019

Alexandr Polujan

Homogeneous Cubic Bent Functions: From Known Examples to New Constructions


24. Juli 2019
(Raum 03-214, 14 Uhr)!

Yassine El Maazouz
(MPI Leipzig)

Tropical Geometry of multivariate Gaussians on local fields


29. Oktober 2019

Marie-Charlotte Brandenburg
(FU Berlin)

Competitive Equilibrium and Lattice Polytopes


26. November  2019

Alev Topuzoglu
(Sabanci University Istanbul)

On the arithmetic of sequences of polynomials over
finite fields


10. Dezember 2019

Enes Pasalic
(Univ. of Primorska, Koper, Slowenien)

On certain nonlinear actions in cryptography


7. Januar 2020

Marek Kaluba
(Adam Mickiewicz University / TU Berlin)

Computational approach to property (T)


28. Januar 2020

Georges Neaime
(Universität Bielefeld)

Interval Garside structures related to Artin groups and their generalizations



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