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Nächste Vorträge

6. Dezember 2022

Lara Beßmann
(Universität Münster)

Uniqueness of universal groups for right-angled buildings  
29. November 2022

Tobias Boege
(MPI Leipzig)

Polynomial systems in information theory  Abstract
1. November 2022

Sebastian Debus
(OvGU Magdeburg)

The even Vandermonde map and sums of squares at infinity  Abstract
18. Oktober 2022

Khanh Nguyen Duc
(University at Albany, U.S.)

Newton polytope of good symmetric functions  
19. Juli 2022

Armin Weiß
(Universität Stuttgart)

The isomorphism problem for virtually free groups Abstract
12. Juli 2022

Marcel Celaya
(ETH Zürich)

Patchworking Oriented Matroids  Abstract
5. Juli 2022

Yulia Alexandr
(UC Berkeley)

Combinatorics of logarithmic Voronoi cells  Abstract
21. Juni 2022

Michael Schein
(Bar-Ilan University, Israel)

An application of model theory to a counting problem in algebra: the effect of central amalgamation on normal subgroup growth in nilpotent groups  Abstract
14. Juni 2022

Alexander Salle
(Universität Osnabrück)

Herleitung von Grundvorstellungen als normative Leitlinien  Abstract
7. Juni 2022

Sofia Garzon Mora
(FU Berlin)

Fine Polyhedral Adjunction Theory  Abstract
31. Mai 2022

Philip Möller
(Universität Münster)

Automorphisms of graph products: Normal subgroups, the center and automatic continuity  Abstract
24. Mai 2022

Ederson Dutra
(Sao Carlos / Regensburg)

Nielsen equivalence in Fuchsian groups  Abstract
26. April 2022

Max Hoffmann
(Universität Paderborn)

Konzeption professionsorientierter Fachvorlesungen: Ein Praxisbericht zur "Geometrie für Lehramtsstudierende"  Abstract
19. April 2022

Raphael Appenzeller
(ETH Zürich)

Axiomatics of Lambda-trees  Abstract
5. April 2022

Eliana Duarte
(Universidade do Porto, Portugal)

Representation of Context-Specific Causal models  Abstract
25. Januar 2022

Matthias Mohr
(LMU München)

Die Entwicklung von Erwartungs- und Wertüberzeugungen  Abstract
18. Januar 2022

Sebastian Bischof
(Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)

On the Extension theorem for twin buildings  Abstract
11. Januar 2022

Beatrice Pozzetti
(Universität Heidelberg)

The real spectrum compactification of character varieties  Abstract

Vorträge seit 2018

30. November 2021 Tan Nhat Tran
(Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Characteristic and Ehrhart quasi-polynomials for root systems Abstract
23. November 2021 Hendrik Süß
(Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
Mahler volumes and normalised volumes of singularities Abstract
16. November 2021 Joshua Maglione
(Universität Bielefeld)
Zeta functions and flag Hilbert-Poincaré series of hyperplane arrangements Abstract
19. Oktober 2021 Ivan Soprunov
(Cleveland State University)
Zeros of sparse polynomials over finite fields Abstract
1. September 2021 Ismael Gutierrez Garcia
(Universitdad del Norte Barranquilla, Kolumbien)
t-Graph over finitely generated Groups and grid Codes Abstract
6. Juli 2021 Lutz Warnke
(Georgia Institute of Technology)
The density of Costas arrays decays exponentially Abstract
29. Juni 2021 Julius Giesler
(Universität Tübingen)
Lattice polytopes and hypersurfaces in toric 3-folds Abstract
22. Juni 2021 Andriy Regeta
(Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
When is a variety determined by its group of automorphisms? Abstract
15. Juni 2021 Sam Corson
(University of Bristol)
Groups with finitary behaviour Abstract
8. Juni 2021 Khanh Nguyen Duc
(Université Claude Bernard, Lyon)
On the shifted Littlewood-Richardson coefficients and the Littlewood-Richardson coefficients Abstract
1. Juni 2021 Tobias Rolfes
(IPN Kiel)
Früher war alles besser!? Mathematikleistungen von Abiturient/innen im Rückblick Abstract
2. Februar 2021 Janina Krawitz
(WWU Münster)
 Negative effect of the drawing strategy on problem solving-What are the reasons?  Abstract
19. Januar 2021 Aida Maraj
(MPI-MiS Leipzig)
(Reciprocal) Maximum Likelihood Degree of some Phylogenetic Models Abstract
12. Januar 2021  Jane Coons
(North Carolina State University)
 Toric Geometry of the Cavender-Farris-Neyman Model with a Molecular Clock  Abstract
22. Dezember 2020 Christopher Voll
(North Carolina State University)
Groups, graphs and hypergraphs - counting conjugacy classes of p-groups and averaging generic matrices with support constraints Abstract
15. Dezember 2020 Michael Dougherty
(Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania USA)
Geometric Combinatorics for Polynomials Abstract
8. Dezember 2020 Carlos Amendola Ceron
(Technische Universität München)
Likelihood Geometry of Correlation Models Abstract
1. Dezember 2020 Annette Karrer
(Technion Haifa)
Contracting boundaries of right-angled Coxeter groups  Abstract
17. November 2020 Lukas Kühne
(MPI-MiS Leipzig)
The Resonance Arrangement Abstract
10. November 2020 Michael Kallweit
(Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
STACK Aufgaben in Moodle  Abstract
27. Oktober 2020 Xiangying Chen
(FU Berlin)
 Matroids, Chow rings and log-concavity   Abstract
8. Mai 2019 Dawid Kielak
(Uni Bielefeld)
30. April 2019 Benjamin Brück
(Uni Bielefeldt)
23. April 2019 Silke Neuhaus
Proof comprehension of undergraduate students  
16. April 2019 Alessandro Oneto
9. April 2019 Giulia Codenotti
(FU Berlin)
Hollow polytopes of large width Abstract
29. Januar 2019 Liam Solus
(KTH Stockholm)
Real zeros and the alternatingly increasing property in algebraic combinatorics Abstract
22. Januar 2019 Julia Heller
15. Januar 2019 Lena Walter
(FU Berlin)
8. Januar 2019 Daniel Hättig
(Uni Tübingen)
11. Dezember 2018 Daniele Agostini
(HU Berlin)
20. November 2018 Heidemarie Bräsel
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